Anti-theft lock Bisecu

Bisecu – this is simultaneously the name of the South Korean start-up and the “smart” anti-theft bicycle Bluetooth-lock. It is a cylindrical device made of a durable aluminum alloy weighing 350 grams, resistant to the vagaries of the weather and mounted on the front axle.

Unlike other anti-theft locks, Bisecu does not need to be removed. With the user it is connected by a wireless Bluetooth channel with an output to a smartphone (iOS / Android) with the corresponding application.

The lock turns on as the bicyclist moves away from the parked bicycle. The front wheel is locked rigidly. If necessary, you can enable the lock manually through the application.

Anti-theft lock Bisecu

When an attempt is made to steal, an alarm is triggered, starting to emit 100 dB beeps and simultaneously informing the owner of the bicycle through the application.

With the return of the owner, everything happens in the reverse order: the amplified Bluetooth signal gives the device to understand that the owner of the bicycle is nearby, and it turns off the lock, releasing the wheel.

As an added bonus, Bisecu developers offer a display on the smartphone of the distance and speed overcome. The charge of the lithium-polymer battery lasts for six months. The fact that it can be discharged will warn the application.

In the near future Bisecu should appear on Kickstarter at a price of 100 to 150 dollars.

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