How to make high-quality photos using a smartphone: 7 tips of a professional

Photo - story about what you saw

Christmas and New Year are ahead, which means that our smartphones will have to work fairly as a camera. However, we must admit that most of us have a very vague idea of ​​the technique of photography and other nuances, why the quality of the pictures leaves much to be desired.

Professional photographer and the creator of a number of original Instagram filters, Coles Rice decided to conduct a kind of “educational program” and help those who want to improve the quality of the photo.

1. Find out your smartphone

First of all, it’s worth to familiarize yourself with the camera of your phone (iPhone or Android). To do this, click the settings button and explore the parameters of the gadget . All phones are different from each other, but they have several common settings.

Camera Settings

One of them is the HDR mode, which will help improve the quality of pictures in different conditions. By processing simultaneously a large number of pictures with different exposure levels, the HDR mode instantly combines them together. At the same time, light areas will become lighter, dark ones become darker, and previously unseen fragments will become noticeable.

2. Think about what’s behind the photo

Before you press the shutter release, you need to consider the content of the future shot. Try to imagine the image outside the focus point. Understanding is the key. Adding background or neighborhood elements, you can create a picture composition. In other words, each photo is not just an image, but a whole story.

What is behind the photo

3. Use proven applications

As a rule, the phone already has a standard application for the camera. Of course, there are thousands more of these applications, but from them you can choose a pair of proven ones, including Instagram, to improve the quality of the images.

Going to the next level involves mastering applications for photo editing, for example, VSCO or Snapseed. As practice shows, having mastered them perfectly, you can make a mini-work of art from a photo.

4. Go against the rules

However, recommendations for the use of applications should not restrict the user. According to Coles Rice: “I like to misuse tools. I think that people who swim against the current are always making great strides. ”

5. Look for unusual angles

To your photos were better than your friends, you need to find new unusual perspectives. Your photos are a kind of invitation for a walk with you and – at the same time – an offer to look at the world in a different way.

Unusual view

6. Do not overdo it with filters

The advent of Instagram brought an end to the “untouched” images. According to Cola Rice, using filters, he seeks to make pictures more sublime. At the same time he calls for using filters carefully, so as not to completely “bury” the image. According to an experienced photographer, in this case “subtlety is really important”.

7. Take responsibility for the placement of pictures

Not every photo is good

The quality of images in social networks is determined, as a rule, by the number of “likes”, “retweets” and “rassharivaniye” received. Venerable photo master believes that the best pictures should not be lost in the sea of ​​spam. Mr. Rice himself prefers to post no more than two photos a day .

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