Recently, not only the world’s leading politicians, but also captains of big business have become active users of social networks. An example of this is Ilon Mask, who responded to a message from a Twitter user who blamed him for not working enough to update the Tesla navigation system.

Mask encouraged all the owners of electric vehicles, that by updating the navigation system alone it will not be limited and will reconsider the work of other systems. For greater credibility, he added that the renewed electric vehicles will be ahead of the current for “several light years”. The nearest updates should be expected already at the beginning of next year.

Tesla plans to create a five-level autonomous driving technology. However, the timing of its implementation has not yet been determined. Moreover, the company’s competitors claim that with the current technical level, true autonomy can not be achieved.

The ambitious plans of Ilona Mask cause a lot of questions. In particular, the very possibility of developing a five-level autonomous driving remains unproven. It’s just a program to create it.

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