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Currently in the field of creating mobile power sources there is a real struggle for primacy. In the course are the latest technology, and the usual lithium-ion batteries – will soon become yesterday.

Russian scientists also claimed about their claims to leadership. Permian physicist Alexei Sosunov is developing a new generation battery – a supercapacitor based on carbon nanomaterial. It is faster charging, has increased energy capacity and is capable of receiving large currents. In this case, the power supply is extremely portable.

Supercapacitors are one of the most promising areas of electrical engineering, where Alexei Sosunov has greatly bypassed his colleagues from other countries. He hopes that from his superbattery smartphones, lasers and drones will soon be operational.

Alexey’s project became the winner of the Contest of Innovation Support Fund and received a grant of 500,000 rubles.

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