Those who are going to visit the sunny state of Florida, will now be able to save time and money by becoming passengers of a new mode of transport. Here we have just officially launched high-speed Brightline trains, which should become an alternative to federal highways. They will allow to remove from the roads of the state up to 3 million cars and eliminate the problem of traffic jams.

The investment in the project is $ 3 billion, and in order to recoup it in an acceptable time frame, All Aboard Florida set a ticket price of $ 16. This is for a trip from Miami to West Palm Beach, along a popular route that, in conditions of traffic jams, is overcome by a car in 5 hours. On the train, with speeds of 70-200 km / h – no more than 2 hours on the road.

Passengers are provided with a service already familiar to European and Asian travelers. Soft leather chairs, free Wi-Fi, panoramic windows, a minimum of noise and dirt due to the use of new, environmentally friendly diesel locomotives. Again, in comparison with cars.

At first, high-speed trains will run between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, next year the routes will extend to Orlando and the center of Miami. In parallel with the trains, private investors want to invest in the development of infrastructure along the railway. And who knows, can the US again wait for the boom of passenger rail transport, as in the middle of the last century?

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