In 2018, Tesla will receive a breakthrough navigation system


Recently, not only the world’s leading politicians, but also captains of big business have become active users of social networks. An example of this is Ilon Mask, who responded to a message from a Twitter user who blamed him for not working enough to update the Tesla navigation system.

Mask encouraged all the owners of electric vehicles, that by updating the navigation system alone it will not be limited and will reconsider the work of other systems. For greater credibility, he added that the renewed electric vehicles will be ahead of the current for “several light years”. The nearest updates should be expected already at the beginning of next year.

Tesla plans to create a five-level autonomous driving technology. However, the timing of its implementation has not yet been determined. Moreover, the company’s competitors claim that with the current technical level, true autonomy can not be achieved.

The ambitious plans of Ilona Mask cause a lot of questions. In particular, the very possibility of developing a five-level autonomous driving remains unproven. It’s just a program to create it.

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Tiny T1 – the smallest active mobile phone in the world


British company Clubit New Media has presented on the platform Kickstarter its new project Zanco Tiny T1. If she manages to raise the necessary funds, the smallest operating mobile phone in the world will appear on the market. According to the developers, the new gadget is focused, first of all, on athletes, for whom compactness is very important – runners, cyclists, extremals.

This is in the full sense of the word – a phone-baby. In length it is only 47 mm, which is commensurate with the half of the thumb. However, with its more than modest size, he is able to keep in memory up to 300 contacts, the last 50 calls and the same number of messages. The Tiny T1 has a nano-SIM slot and a 12.5 mm OLED display. In addition, the phone “obeys” 13 voice commands. The battery lasts for 3 days.

At the moment, the production of T1 has already raised 18,775 dollars from 304 investors. There is still a month to increase these investments to the planned 33.528 dollars.

Tiny T1

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US launches the first in the country private super-high-speed train


Those who are going to visit the sunny state of Florida, will now be able to save time and money by becoming passengers of a new mode of transport. Here we have just officially launched high-speed Brightline trains, which should become an alternative to federal highways. They will allow to remove from the roads of the state up to 3 million cars and eliminate the problem of traffic jams.

The investment in the project is $ 3 billion, and in order to recoup it in an acceptable time frame, All Aboard Florida set a ticket price of $ 16. This is for a trip from Miami to West Palm Beach, along a popular route that, in conditions of traffic jams, is overcome by a car in 5 hours. On the train, with speeds of 70-200 km / h – no more than 2 hours on the road.

Passengers are provided with a service already familiar to European and Asian travelers. Soft leather chairs, free Wi-Fi, panoramic windows, a minimum of noise and dirt due to the use of new, environmentally friendly diesel locomotives. Again, in comparison with cars.

At first, high-speed trains will run between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, next year the routes will extend to Orlando and the center of Miami. In parallel with the trains, private investors want to invest in the development of infrastructure along the railway. And who knows, can the US again wait for the boom of passenger rail transport, as in the middle of the last century?

Country Living US

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Floating solar panels will safely extract hydrogen fuel from sea water


Hydrogen fuel is one of the most promising alternatives to fossil fuels with virtually zero emissions of harmful combustion products. The problem is that hydrogen (H2) is obtained as a result of a process known as “methane evaporation”, in which, alas, CO2 is the main factor of global warming .

Daniel Esposito, associate professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of Columbia University, together with his colleagues, developed a technology for electrolysis of water (separation into hydrogen and oxygen O2) without CO2 emissions. The experimental installation created by them under the name “floating photovoltaic cell” will become a prototype of equipment for the production of hydrogen on an industrial scale. The industrial plant will be in the open sea, outwardly resembling a floating floating oil platform.

The device is a unique configuration of electrodes that separate and collect hydrogen and oxygen, taking into account the buoyancy of their bubbles in the water. The system does not require pumping the liquid inside the device, resulting in a clean 99% hydrogen.

As yet, Esposito’s laboratory facility is not ready for testing in the marine environment. However, in the future, scientists intend to improve its design and make it more efficient and productive.

“There are a lot of possible technological solutions in the field of future energy, although so far only in theory,” explains Daniel Esposito. “Our task is to create scalable and economical technologies that convert sunlight into useful energy that can be stored in the dark.”

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Keyboard with touchpad – an indispensable gadget for TVs with Smart-tv


Keyboard with touchpad

The time when the television was solely a receiver of a television signal, forever faded into the past. Modern TVs are more computers than TV sets, although the function of receiving a television signal in them, of course, is present. Nevertheless, with the help of TVs with Smart-tv, users are increasingly visiting the Internet, and television channels are less likely to watch. To use the Internet was the most comfortable, it makes sense to think about buying such an indispensable gadget, like a keyboard with a touchpad.

Survey of Internet sites

TVs with Smart-tv come complete with a remote control, which allows you to control the actions while browsing internet sites, social networks and other web resources. But many users agree that using a traditional TV remote control for such purposes is not very convenient, to be more precise – it is not very convenient. Small buttons make it difficult to control and interfere with normal network operation. Fortunately, there is an output – it’s a  keyboard with a touchpad, which can be connected wirelessly and allows you to comfortably use the Internet from the TV, leaving the console alone. In fact, this is a multifunctional device that combines two independent products – the mouse-manipulator and the keyboard itself. Combining them into one compact gadget gives comfort to use while working on the Internet. Using the keyboard with a touchpad, you can easily and comfortably review sites, communicate in social networks, forums, search for movies, music and much more.

Keyboard with touchpad

Playing computer games online

A gadget like a keyboard with a touchpad will certainly be highly appreciated by gamers. Play spectacular computer games with modern graphics and special effects on the big screen of the TV is much more interesting, but the standard console for such purposes certainly does not fit. Only a keyboard with a touchpad will provide an opportunity to comfortably manage the actions of the protagonist of the game, in whose role the player plays.

In computer games, speed and maneuverability are important, and the ability to switch quickly with the help of buttons. A conventional television remote will not allow this, and therefore it is simply impossible to play computer games with it. At the same time, the keyboard with the touchpad will allow you to comfortably play shooting games and other computer games online, quickly reacting to changing the situation on the screen and masterfully controlling the actions of your character.

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China’s carrier fleet is threatened … jellyfish



One of the most powerful military navies in the world – the Chinese Navy appeared an enemy, which lacks the brain and even vertebrae. We are talking about flocks of giant jellyfish, which in large quantities fall into the cooling system of ship power plants, putting them out of action.

For this reason, the engineers of the Institute of Oceans and Fisheries (Dalian, Liaoying province) are developing a jellyfish shredder, which will become an insurmountable barrier to the path of marine invertebrates. The device is a network with cells covered with steel blades. Towed by a ship, she cuts into small pieces of a pack of jellyfish, clearing the path behind large ships .

The rapid growth of the jellyfish population is a problem not only for the Chinese Navy. Reaching sometimes the size of a large chair, they pose a danger to large industrial facilities and, above all, nuclear power plants, where seawater is used as a coolant. A huge number of jellyfish literally turn water into jelly, putting power plants out of order. So in the Philippines, millions of people were left without electricity as a result of the shutdown of a 1000 mW power plant due to the ingress of 50 tons of jellyfish into the cooling system.

Ironically, China has created this problem for itself, destroying annually up to 100 million sharks that feed on jellyfish. The explosive growth of their population is also largely promoted by overlimit fishing – China’s share in the world seafood market is 35%.


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Russian scientist creates a super battery for gadgets


Alexey Sosunov's laboratory

Currently in the field of creating mobile power sources there is a real struggle for primacy. In the course are the latest technology, and the usual lithium-ion batteries – will soon become yesterday.

Russian scientists also claimed about their claims to leadership. Permian physicist Alexei Sosunov is developing a new generation battery – a supercapacitor based on carbon nanomaterial. It is faster charging, has increased energy capacity and is capable of receiving large currents. In this case, the power supply is extremely portable.

Supercapacitors are one of the most promising areas of electrical engineering, where Alexei Sosunov has greatly bypassed his colleagues from other countries. He hopes that from his superbattery smartphones, lasers and drones will soon be operational.

Alexey’s project became the winner of the Contest of Innovation Support Fund and received a grant of 500,000 rubles.

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Bisecu – “smart” anti-theft bicycle Bluetooth-lock


Anti-theft lock Bisecu

Bisecu – this is simultaneously the name of the South Korean start-up and the “smart” anti-theft bicycle Bluetooth-lock. It is a cylindrical device made of a durable aluminum alloy weighing 350 grams, resistant to the vagaries of the weather and mounted on the front axle.

Unlike other anti-theft locks, Bisecu does not need to be removed. With the user it is connected by a wireless Bluetooth channel with an output to a smartphone (iOS / Android) with the corresponding application.

The lock turns on as the bicyclist moves away from the parked bicycle. The front wheel is locked rigidly. If necessary, you can enable the lock manually through the application.

Anti-theft lock Bisecu

When an attempt is made to steal, an alarm is triggered, starting to emit 100 dB beeps and simultaneously informing the owner of the bicycle through the application.

With the return of the owner, everything happens in the reverse order: the amplified Bluetooth signal gives the device to understand that the owner of the bicycle is nearby, and it turns off the lock, releasing the wheel.

As an added bonus, Bisecu developers offer a display on the smartphone of the distance and speed overcome. The charge of the lithium-polymer battery lasts for six months. The fact that it can be discharged will warn the application.

In the near future Bisecu should appear on Kickstarter at a price of 100 to 150 dollars.

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How to make high-quality photos using a smartphone: 7 tips of a professional


Photo - story about what you saw

Christmas and New Year are ahead, which means that our smartphones will have to work fairly as a camera. However, we must admit that most of us have a very vague idea of ​​the technique of photography and other nuances, why the quality of the pictures leaves much to be desired.

Professional photographer and the creator of a number of original Instagram filters, Coles Rice decided to conduct a kind of “educational program” and help those who want to improve the quality of the photo.

1. Find out your smartphone

First of all, it’s worth to familiarize yourself with the camera of your phone (iPhone or Android). To do this, click the settings button and explore the parameters of the gadget . All phones are different from each other, but they have several common settings.

Camera Settings

One of them is the HDR mode, which will help improve the quality of pictures in different conditions. By processing simultaneously a large number of pictures with different exposure levels, the HDR mode instantly combines them together. At the same time, light areas will become lighter, dark ones become darker, and previously unseen fragments will become noticeable.

2. Think about what’s behind the photo

Before you press the shutter release, you need to consider the content of the future shot. Try to imagine the image outside the focus point. Understanding is the key. Adding background or neighborhood elements, you can create a picture composition. In other words, each photo is not just an image, but a whole story.

What is behind the photo

3. Use proven applications

As a rule, the phone already has a standard application for the camera. Of course, there are thousands more of these applications, but from them you can choose a pair of proven ones, including Instagram, to improve the quality of the images.

Going to the next level involves mastering applications for photo editing, for example, VSCO or Snapseed. As practice shows, having mastered them perfectly, you can make a mini-work of art from a photo.

4. Go against the rules

However, recommendations for the use of applications should not restrict the user. According to Coles Rice: “I like to misuse tools. I think that people who swim against the current are always making great strides. ”

5. Look for unusual angles

To your photos were better than your friends, you need to find new unusual perspectives. Your photos are a kind of invitation for a walk with you and – at the same time – an offer to look at the world in a different way.

Unusual view

6. Do not overdo it with filters

The advent of Instagram brought an end to the “untouched” images. According to Cola Rice, using filters, he seeks to make pictures more sublime. At the same time he calls for using filters carefully, so as not to completely “bury” the image. According to an experienced photographer, in this case “subtlety is really important”.

7. Take responsibility for the placement of pictures

Not every photo is good

The quality of images in social networks is determined, as a rule, by the number of “likes”, “retweets” and “rassharivaniye” received. Venerable photo master believes that the best pictures should not be lost in the sea of ​​spam. Mr. Rice himself prefers to post no more than two photos a day .

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