Over the past few years Apple has been actively updating its flagship MacBook Pro laptop, forgetting about the Air line. However, according to the latest reports, this year the apple company can finally return to the production of miniature notebooks. Moreover, the new laptops that will replace the MacBook Air, will belong to the so-called budget segment and will cost much less than the current Pro-version.

The new development of the Cupertinovs is written by Inverse with reference to General Interface Solutions. The latter has been manufacturing MacBook accessories since the end of 2017, and now the company has received an order for LCD screens “for the new 12-inch MacBook budget segment.” It is reported that the new MacBook will go on sale in the second half of 2018. Given that the cost of MacBook Air is about 1200 US dollars, the cost of a new laptop should not exceed this amount.

In this case, Apple may completely abandon the further production of MacBook Air in favor of the new product, since as early as 2015, the Cupertino released a 12-inch MacBook of a new design, designed for those who need a laptop only for everyday tasks and who do not need the power of a professional series. In addition, as reported by the insiders, the new MacBook can also help Apple solve the problems that have arisen with the new keyboard, which, due to the new mechanism and the extremely thin case, was clogged with dust, which caused hardware breakdowns. About the correction of another “sick” topic in the form of the lack of additional connectors and the presence of only USB-C ports nothing is reported.

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