On Friday, April 14, Great Big Story published an interview with Wes Cherry, who created the famous solitaire “Kindergarten” (not in the sense of a solitaire, but in terms of its software embodiment for the operating system), being an intern at the company.

“In fact, the” Kosynka “for Windows appeared from boredom. Since then there were few games for the computer, we decided to create it, “he said.

In 1998, Cherry was trained in Microsoft, then the game was developed. He says that he did it to make it more fun to work, but when the popularity of personal computers went up, the company’s management came up with a legend: “The kerchief” was created in order to teach people to use the mouse. The very founder of Microsoft Bill Gates negatively expressed himself about the game in 1990, because it was not easy to win in it.

It turned out that in the distant 1990 in the workplace in the office it was impossible to play, and “Kindergarten” became popular among office workers. Therefore, it introduced a special button Boss Key, when pressed, the game was hidden in the tray.

Cherry says that he was not paid a kopek for the “kerchief”, but he would be very rich if every copy of the game brought him at least a cent. Now he is engaged in the production of cider.

The legend that games like “Saper”, “Cherv”, “Klansky” and “Free Cell” were developed to teach people to use the capabilities of the OS, became known in August 2015.

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