At the moment, with an increase in the amount of computing, developers are increasingly focusing on the creation of quantum computers. But even considering that today it is already possible to create some similar systems, their use and maintenance is extremely expensive, and not everyone can afford it. IBM decided to help, which plans to launch a cloud computing service based on a universal quantum computing system called IBM Q, which anyone can rent.

Cloud service IBM Q is built on the basis of another development of IBM, called Quantum Experience, which at the moment is an experimental quantum computer with five qubits, but the developers intend to increase the number of qubits by at least 10 times. It is worth recalling that the qubits (or quantum bits) are rearranged. Unlike the “ordinary” bits, the quantum bits, in addition to the standard states 0 and 1, can be in the third state – the quantum superposition. Due to this, as the number of qubits increases, the computing power of the quantum system increases exponentially.

IBM plans that users of the Quantum Experience service will use the capabilities of a quantum computer to develop and pre-debug applications, which will then be launched on a large quantum computer IBM Q. Already, the number of IBM Quantum Experience customers is more than 40 thousand companies, and the number created in its application framework exceeded the mark of 275 thousand.

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