Neuroset has learned to hide from the bosses the windows open on the desktop


Neural networks can become good assistants and reliable friends – this was proved by the Japanese programmer Hiroki Nakayama, who created the program, which automatically hides from the eyes of the approaching superiors all the windows open on the display.

The programmer named the system simply – Boss Sensor, and it works as follows way: watches with the help of a web camera for those who approach the workplace and, if there is a boss among them, immediately hides all open windows, unfolding the user-defined picture on the whole screen.

First, Hiroki Nakayama pumped up a lot of photos of his boss from social networks, and then, based on the photo archive, created a large database, which he gave to study the neural net. Further – it’s easier. After the network showed itself well in the work, he wrote a script that unfolds on the whole screen a picture with something for which the authorities do not exactly violate. The ideal option is a screenshot with a program in which it should work instead of sitting in social networks, for example.

Nakayama’s chief sits just a few meters from the enterprising programmer, so the neural network had to work quickly and instantly to think. The system did not fail and works quite quickly – it takes only 4-5 seconds to make a decision.

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