Terry Myerson, the head of the Windows development department, opened the presentation. He started with the fact that the Windows operating system is developed for all people, so it is important to make it available to specialists in a certain area, and ordinary users, including those whose capabilities are limited. Developers take into account the interests of those who work on the computer, but do not forget about gamers. Stressing that Microsoft’s technologies are used in different ways, he mentioned the Windows Insider testing program and the augmented reality of HoloLens, and finished the introduction with a capacious and striking slogan: Windows is a desktop in any place.

At the event, new information was announced on the next big update for devices running Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile. Previously, it was known only that it will appear in the spring of 2017 and is code-named “Redstone 2”. During the presentation it was revealed that the update will be called “Windows 10 Creators Update”.

They confirmed that the devices will be updated in the spring, after which they began a story about new features and applications of Windows designed to reveal the talents and potential of users.

The presentation continued under the motto “3D for Everyone”. The display of the colorful video was not limited, after which Megan Saunders, head of the department working on 3D-technologies, began the story about the future and the three-dimensional possibilities that will become a reality thanks to the development of Microsoft.

“Applications and technologies that allow users to create and work in three dimensions should be accessible to everyone, and the process of creating 3D models simply must become simple and understandable for everyone. Access to these technologies should not be limited to a PC, they can be used and needed on mobile devices, “Megan Saunders said.

Next, she showed the process of creating a three-dimensional model of a sand castle using the HP Elite x3 smartphone on Windows 10 mobile.


After the spectacular and demonstrative demonstration that reinforced her words, the announcement of Paint 3D, an updated version of the popular application from the set of standard programs for the family of Windows operating systems, took place. As you can understand from the title, soon with the help of the new “Paint” it will be possible not only to draw scribbles and sketches on Surface tablets, but also to process 3D objects.


Yes, you can work with the newly created three-dimensional model of the castle. All about the same as in the script for that commercial, remember?

Microsoft will cooperate in this direction with other development companies, so during the presentation, a partnership was announced with SketchUp, a software manufacturer for 3D modeling – Paint 3D users will have access to the portal and a collection of models directly from the application. In Paint 3D, you can work with a pen, creating 3D models directly in the program, and the results of the work directly from the program can be shared with colleagues and friends on social networks. 3D support will also appear in PowerPoint, as well as in a number of other applications, in the Edge browser, for example, which, incidentally, will be the first browser to support HoloLens! The created three-dimensional projects can be shared on a special site Remix3D.

During the next demonstration, HoloLens showed variations in the use of the augmented reality set in everyday life, trying on a new chair in the interior. Three-dimensional space each user can decorate and customize at will, “hung” with his favorite applications, a beautiful view of nature and so on. As we already wrote earlier, new virtual reality glasses will cost from 299 US dollars. The helmets of virtual reality will support and develop the spheres of their application.

In the game block, the presentations told about new entertainment services for Xbox and Windows 10, showing the Beam service, which allows to stream the game process to the Network by simply clicking the corresponding icon in the taskbar of Xbox and Windows 10 for the PC.

Spring update will allow gamers to conduct their own game championships. All that is needed is to choose a game, come up with a name for the competition, choose the mode and time of the tournament.

At the end of the game block, recalled about Xbox Play Anywhere: buy one game and run it on all devices. The developers emphasize that the games in 4K resolution will look great on Windows 10.


The “Creators Update” update will have many new opportunities for communication, thanks to which it will be possible to quickly and easily keep in touch with close people and colleagues: a special panel will allow you to simply transfer the file to the right person by mouse – for this you do not even have to open new windows or turn off already open. Want to throw a photo to parents – just drag it to the People Bar in the contact icon of your mom or dad. The colleague asks to show the intermediate result of the work? Drop the file directly from OneDrive. Conveniently! More People Bar are “friends” with Skype.

After that, we moved on to the devices, drawing attention to the Surface Book. The laptop-transformer is convenient for work and suitable for entertainment, and the pen can very quickly and efficiently take notes in OneNote and draw in graphic editors, so Microsoft decided to develop the idea by creating an updated version of the popular Surface Book, which received a new design, new processors and impressive battery life. At one charge the novelty will be able to work up to 16 hours!


The updated Surface Book will run on Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake, it is equipped with a PixelSense display and put up a price of 2399 US dollars. But there is good news: last year’s Surface Book has fallen in price and now costs only 1499 dollars, and Surface Pro – 899 dollars.

Presented and a new candy bar Surface Studio, the thickness of its display – only 12.5 millimeters. This is not a simple monoblock, it was created specifically for professional designers. Touch TrueColor-display with a 3: 2 aspect ratio can boast of an impressive diagonal of 28 inches and a huge resolution. The display will have several modes of operation, so the user can switch between DCI-P3 and sRGB on the go to see how his project will look on other, simpler monitors. In the monoblock there is a camera, a microphone and support for “Cortana” (in Russia and the CIS, as in many other countries, it is not yet available).

The stuffing is good: a new Intel Core i7, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics card, 32 GB of RAM and a 2 TB hybrid disk. On the rear panel there are four USB 3.0, Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort, audio output and a card reader. Yes, all the “iron” fit in this elegant and miniature podstavochke. The display bends well and turns, allowing the owner to work on the new Surface Studio while lying down – there would be a desire. For the new monoblock, the remote control Surface Dial will be released, which will allow you to switch colors when drawing, flip pages, rewind music, videos and do many more interesting things.

The pre-orders for Surface Studio are already open, you can choose the model you like:
1TB / Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM / 2GB GPU – $ 2999
1TB / Intel Core i7 – 16GB RAM / 2GB GPU – $ 3499
2TB / Intel Core i7 – 32GB RAM / 4GB GPU – 4199 dollars

The presentation ended with a spectacular performance by a Madefire employee who made several sketches and drawings right on the stage, demonstrating the effectiveness of the work with the help of the new Surface Studio and the Surface Pen pen.


The event was finished by Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, summarizing all of the above and thanking those present for their attention.

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