Canadian company D-Wave is considered one of the pioneers in the production of commercially available quantum computers . Release of the first models was held back in 2007. Then it was a 16-kbit and 28-kbit Orion computer. In May 2011, the D-Wave One model with a 128-bit chip, and then the D-Wave Two with a 512-chip chip, went on sale. On this D-Wave decided to stop. The D-Wave 2000Q computer comes on sale with a 2000-kbit processor at $ 15,000,000.

If you think that such a car will be unclaimed, then you are mistaken. A new model of a quantum computer is gradually building a line of customers. And this is despite the fact that many leading world scientists are not completely sure of the advisability of purchasing such expensive equipment. The first owner of the new computer will be Temporal Defense Systems, a computer security company. The company’s management is confident that a quantum computer will allow to solve the most complex problems faced by security experts as quickly as possible. The computer was also interested in scientists developing rovers for the study of other planets.

Compare the performance of a quantum computer with the work of a traditional computer is not an easy task. Somewhere he wins in the speed of computation, sometimes tens of thousands of times, especially when using algorithms adapted for him, but somewhere he loses. Manufacturers of D-Wave 2000Q claim that their new offspring are particularly successful in machine learning. In any case, the software must be carefully adapted to work on a quantum computer, which can take a lot of time and effort. Be that as it may, D-Wave is not going to stop the development of new models, and in the near future we are waiting for even more powerful “quantum monsters.”

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