Canadian start-up X-Matik presented its development – robotization module for conventional cars. It consists of controllers for the steering wheel and pedals, a camera and a computer block. This set is enough to endow the machine with autopilot functions without a deep and costly upgrade.

In the company X-Matik claim that their development is universal, compatible with a minimum of two dozen popular models of cars and allows a person to retain control of the machine. This is a stripped-down version of the autopilot, it can not drive completely independently and can not work with navigation devices either. In fact, it’s the assistant driver – LaneCruise can keep a distance in the flow or follow straight ahead on the markup.


Unlike the current drones, this device uses a simple system of visual recognition of objects, so in the absence of signs or other machines can not drive even an empty intersection. The driver is still fully responsible for the behavior of the car on the road, so you do not get a nap behind the wheel. Maximum – listen to music and drink coffee.

The beta version of LaneCruis will appear in limited access in early 2018, and by the end of 2019 you can expect to see the finished product. The price list is still suspended on $ 1,5-2 thousand, but the option of renting the installation with monthly payment is also considered. While the device will be available only in the North American market.

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