Tomogram of the Mariana Slug with the remnants of his last lunch

A new study of the biosphere of the deepest depression on the planet brought the discovery – scientists found another candidate for the status of the deepest creature. It was dubbed Pseudoliparis swirei and carried to sea slugs or linden. This fish looks like a very strange tadpole, and for that there are compelling reasons.

The maximum depth of the Mariana Trench reaches 11,000 m, and the new slug fish was found at depths of 8,000 and 8170 m. It was first caught in 2014, but only by now there has been sufficient catch to officially announce the discovery. A total of 37 individuals were sacrificed to science, which were taken literally to pieces – numerous studies were carried out, including DNA analysis and computed tomography.

Pseudoliparis swirei

Surprisingly, the fish of Pseudoliparis swirei, living in a harsh environment at colossal pressure, looks too flimsy and plump. Not an armored monster, not a semi-transparent monster, but an overgrown tadpole – as marine biologists explain, there are no predators at this depth and it does not threaten anything. She is on top of her food chain and feels at ease, all the caught specimens were quite well-fed by the standards of the ocean.

Pseudoliparis swirei are perfectly adapted for life in the Mariana Trench. This geological formation has the shape of a funnel, so the sinking carrion accumulates in one place. There, invertebrates feast on it, and slime devours them. He does not even need scales for protection, it’s the king of the depths! Only small and tied to his kingdom, since more such fish were nowhere to be found.

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