It is not known for certain whether the Unico device exists in reality, or it is only a figment of the imagination of designers and engineers. However, the start-up of the fastest toothbrush in the world has successfully collected ten times the amount of requested funds and from day to day must send it to production.

The developers of the gadget claim that it completely cleans all teeth in 1.87 seconds, but according to the results of tests on living people, the time was artificially slowed down by half. Otherwise, people do not have time to understand what happened, although there is nothing complicated in the process. Micropumps feed the cleaning agent onto rotating brushes, which are installed along the teeth.


The Unico device resembles a boxing cap which must be put on the teeth before work. Then you need to connect an external battery, select the mode and press the button. In the intervals between work Unico must be kept in a sterilizing box with ultraviolet radiation, which looks no less stylish than the docking station for the iPhone.

The authors of the startup promise models for four different sizes of jaws and an application for a smartphone to fine tune the speed and duration of cleaning. The price of one copy will be $ 118, mass production will begin in December 2017, and the sale of “toothbrushes” Unico will arrive in the early days of next year.


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