Subaru WRX on the bobsleigh track

The Olympic bob glides along the narrow and swirling ice track, a sports car is created for driving on the smooth asphalt of a spacious highway. Does it make sense for the second to get into the territory of the first one and try to arrange a demonstration race? In Subaru did not begin to ask philosophical questions, and simply invited driver Mark Higgins. And he did it.

The first and last of its kind, the race took place on the official track for bobsled in the Swiss St. Moritz. Hardly there are many who want to repeat the trick – during the descent, the car and the oldest bobsleigh track in the world were seriously damaged. But spectacular shots were made for the new advertisement of the automobile brand.

Subaru WRX on the bobsleigh track

To charge the model Subaru WRX STI squeezed into a narrow chute, it removed the side mirrors , mounted new body stiffeners, strengthened the weather cloth and replaced the fuel tank with its miniature version. The car was shod in forbidden WRC tires with a width of 137 mm, with 7 mm spikes, 420 pieces per wheel. And we pumped them up to 3,4 bar.

Subaru WRX on the bobsleigh track

Higgins tried very hard, but in extreme conditions he could not save the car from several serious collisions. From the tragic consequences, the friable snow of the fence and the skill of the rider were saved. And the most spectacular moment was the turn with the exit to the vertical and forced maneuvering on two wheels after it. As they say, do not try to repeat it at home.

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