Magnetic pedals Pedal Park

An entrepreneur from Taiwan, Sumchi Wu, came up with an original addition to the bike in the form of magnets mounted in the pedal, with which he can be parked, or rather “glued” to metal objects, such as street lights or pipes.

Sumi Wu has already set up a campaign in Indiegogo to finance the project. A pair of pedals with magnets from aluminum alloy will cost $ 45, and in the plastic version – only 30. In addition to the pedals, there is a parking “point” – a metal wall plate, which is attached to the home parking.

Magnetic pedals Pedal Park

For sure, many cyclists will appreciate the simple, but very useful invention of the Taiwanese inventor, called Pedal Park. In combination with high-tech “smart” anti-theft locks , which do not need to be mounted at each parking lot, the use of bicycle transport is more convenient than ever.

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