Transport giant Scania develops first hydrogen fuel truck


With the development of a new electric car model, few can be surprised. But electricity is not the only kind of alternative energy that can be put into practice. And recently, the Swedish automotive giant Scania, specializing in the production of trucks, said that it was already preparing for release its first hydrogen-powered truck called Renova.

About a very interesting development said one of the leaders of the company Scania Marita Nilsson.

“We are very interested in developing new fuel cells and using them in real projects. Hydrogen fuel cells are no less promising technology than electric motors. Both of these areas are taking important steps towards eliminating hydrocarbons. ”

Renova Scania collaborates with the Swedish Energy Agency and the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology as part of its project. But the most interesting thing about this project is that Renova will be not just a truck, but a garbage truck. The head of the Renova research group, Hans Zakrisson, reported the following:

“The use of hydrogen fuel cells is a very attractive alternative for heavy commercial vehicles like garbage trucks. Trucks in this regard is much more profitable than passenger cars. They benefit from all the benefits of a new type of energy, while retaining some of the best aspects of engines that run on hydrocarbons: a long time without refueling and a good payload. ”

It is expected that the first Scania truck with hydrogen fuel cells will be delivered at the end of 2019 – early 2020. The beginning of the first tests of the new car is scheduled for the same period. The development is carried out in close cooperation with the Government of Sweden, so, given the country’s course towards improving the environmental situation, it is possible not to worry about the availability of first buyers.


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